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Tonbridge is a market town in kent, england, on the river medway, 4 miles 6 km north of. For the handwritings of a number of clerks appear and disappear at irregular and apparently illogical intervals. Domesday book also known as domesday, or book of winchester was the record of the great survey of england completed in 1086, executed for william the conqueror. Domesday is now available online, and you can search for your town or village, and download images of domesday along with an english translation of the entry. I first came to bourne as a historian about 35 years ago in the dying days of the callahan government. The domesday book was a record of the survey of england carried out in 1086 by william the conqueror in order to assess taxes and find out other details of. It is also the starting point for most local historians researching the history of their area. Canterbury in the domesday book will take place in the grimond lecture theatre 1 at the university of kent at 6. Sign mix up at new wetherspoon pub in station road, rainham. The church itself holds in stoke hundred cottingham. These were all persons who had accompanied the duke of normandy in his successful invasion of england.

This is rather like today where we write wont as an abbreviation for will not. Mention is made of 110 villagers and slaves, but probably only counts the men of the parish, 4 mills, 6 fisheries producing 1200 eels pa, woodland for 145 pigs and a church. Moreton in the domesday book moretonhampstead history society. It was compiled from surveys like exon, but the information was then abridged and then rearranged to produce the domesday book we know today. Our vision is to lead and transform information management, guarantee the survival of todays information for tomorrow and bring history to life for everyone. Later 2 carucates are said to have made a knights fee. This was because stanmore was in fact made up of two manors.

The system of manorial land tenure, broadly termed feudalism, was conceived in western europe and exported to areas affected by norman expansion during the middle ages and in particular to england after the norman conquest where it was well established by the time of the domesday book 1086. Busy market town with the ruins of a norman castle captured by william rufus in 1088. The domesday book is a great land survey from 1086, commissioned by william the conqueror to assess the extent of the land and resources being owned in england at the time, and the extent of the taxes he could raise. For 99 per cent of the 15,000 places named there, domesday provides the first recorded description of their human and natural resources. A complete translation is not light reading, but jonathan sumption is fascinated by the first record of all property held in britain. The outcome of that speech was the mission throughout all england of barons, legates or justices. The first draft was completed in august 1086 and contained records for,418 settlements in the english counties south of the rivers ribble and tees the border with scotland at the time. It occurs four times in domesday book, once each in huntingdonshire and northamptonshire and twice in suffolk, all borne by preconquest landowners. Domesday book 1086 gives the earliest documentary evidence for the existence of ruislip and the name of the mid11th century owner, wlward wit, who was a thane of king edward the confessor. The national archives is the home of domesday book, the oldest surviving public record. Domesday carefully records the owners of each manor estate in 1086, as these were the people liable for tax. The information collected was recorded by hand in two huge books, in the space of around a year.

Tonbridge castle and its lords kent archaeological society. Ive just discovered the open domesday site, the first free online copy of domesday book. Think about it and if you still disagree, see my proof that the text of domesday. The domesday book is generally arranged by county some exceptions are the lands in the north, later to become westmorland, cumberland, northumberland and county durham, and the cities of london and winchester, and some other towns, and at the head of each county is the list of the tenantsinchief. Indeed the latter spelling, occurring when it did at the beginning of the surname creation period, would seem to have had a distinct influence on. Here is subscribed the inquisition of lands as the barons of the king have made inquiry into them. While spending the christmas time of 1085 in gloucester, william had deep speech with his counsellors and sent men all over england to each shire to find. Domesday book at midwinter in the year 1085 william the conqueror wore his crown at gloucester and there he had deep speech with his wise men.

Either king william himself, or one of around 1,400 people who held land directly from the crown, mostly norman knights. Help us to report these issues to the county council by clicking the sign to the right, and see which problems have already been reported below. A chronological listing of events in tonbridge over 2000 years. The anglosaxon chronicle states while spending the christmas time of 1085 in gloucester, william had deep speech with his counsellors and.

Part of the domesday book the page size is actually 38cm x 28cm. Domesday or domesday book an ancient record made in the time of william the conqueror and now remaining in the english exchequer, consisting of two volumes of unequal sizes, containing surveys of the lands in england. Robertson second edition, 1956 anglosaxon charters. Chimney lining and stove installation services in tonbridge and nearby towns and villages. The entry for the village of audley, staffordshire in the domesday book the file below contains information from the domesday book that is relevant to the. They asked questions about the ownership of land, animals and farm equipment and also about the value of the land and how it was used. Use the box below to search and download charges apply colour facsimiles of. Chichester, 19741992 the english translations for the great domesday counties, together with images of the latin text, are available in searchable form on cd, known as domesday explorer, published by phillimore and co. The doomsday book entries for a number of local villages are detailed below. Each entry details the person who held the manor, the hundred in which it was situated and the actual entry itself, together with some explanatory notes. Reading is a large minster town on the thames and kennet rivers in southern england, u.

The first one was called stanmere, was owned by robert count of mortain who was william the conqerors half brother and landowner. Both in domesday book and in the exon survey the text distinctly supports this view. This entry contains material from bouviers legal dictionary. Rochester cathedral, begun in 1077, was completed in the th century. At over 900 years old, domesday is the earliest surviving public record and the foundation document of the national archives.

Exeter domesday section of the work can have been constructed has long been a mystery. Hoyt, in a medieval miscellany for doris mary stenton, edited by patricia m. The survey was similar to a census by a government of today. The knight and the knights fee in england much labour has been vainly spent on attempts to determine the true area of the knights fee, j. The sole surviving copy is ms 3500 in the exeter cathedral library. It has been much studied by social, economic and institutional historians. The hull domesday project was conceived as an electronic translation of domesday book, coded to identify different textual elements names, places, categories of data and linked to databases of domesday names and places, a facsimile of the manuscript, and mapping facilities, all these elements enclosed in a software package which could interpret the coding. Stanmore was lucky enough to get not one, but two mentions in the domesday book. Presumably there was a hall within the enclosure from which the estate was controlled. The first appearance of moreton in the written historical record is in domesday book, compiled in 1086.

A pre domesday kentish assessment list, edited by robert s. This site contains resources for students, scholars, or anyone interested in exploring domesday book. Introduction to the format of this section the entries for our towns and villages shown in this domesday section have been extracted and rearranged for the convenience of users of this chronicle, who will probably be interested in their own localitys history rather than in the wealth of former landlords. Tunbridge is a town, a parish, a subdistrict, a district, and a hundred, in kent. Domesday book of 1086 is regarded as a landmark in accounting history, primarily because it heralded a written system of government accounting in england. St edmundsbury local history the little domesday book. Tunbridge sometime also known as tonbridge is, ecclesiastically, in the diocese of canterbury, in the archdeaconry of canterbury and in the deanery of south malling. The domesday book entry for yalding says that richard holds two sulungs. Either king william himself, or one of around 1,400 people who held land directly from the crown, mostly norman. Rochester castle, built in 1127, has the tallest keep in britain. Uploaded by the open domesday project, released under ccbysa by professor john palmer and george slater. Mar 30, 2008 here is the entry for cottingham use this to make up your own entry.

An area of land that could be ploughed by a team of eight oxen in a year, sometimes called a ploughland in the north of england, 60120acres. Kent archaeological society is a registered charity number. An ancient yew in the churchyard may be older than the domesday survey. This site aims to provide a complete translation online. Now available in one volume, here is the complete, authoritative translation from the original latin, together with an index of places and a glossary of terms used. We read that in 1086 it was held directly by the king. It was recorded in the domesday book as tonebridge and was known for centuries after as tunbridge. The event is hosted by the canterbury branch of the historical association. One of the most important accounts of the making of the domesday book is that of an anglosaxon chronicler who tells us that william had much though and very deep discussion about this country how it was occupied or with what sorts of people. It contains a variety of administrative materials concerning the counties of cornwall, devon, dorset, somerset and wiltshire. It covers what is known about the villages prehistory, archaeological finds in and around wateringbury, and the written history of wateringbury up to the time of the domesday book.

Domesday book is one of the most famous documents in english historyand arguably in world history. A complete translation domesday book is one of the most famous documents in english history. When the information was collected it was sent to winchester where it was recorded in a book. The history and topography of the parish of sheffield in the. The history of most english villages begins with domesday book, as does the continuous history of the english countryside, of the landowning classes and of the peasantry. Find out how to search for your town or village, and how to access images of domesday along with an english translation, using our research guide. Baxter has argued that compared to the wider text, the church of worcesters fee entry differs significantly in formula for. The world of domesday exhibition depicts life in 11th century england. The children can survey their classmates with a modern twist. The commissioners also gathered details of the livestock held by each landholder, but this was not included in the final domesday volumes.

The liber exoniensis or exon domesday is a composite land and tax register associated with the domesday survey of 1086, covering much of southwest england. The following pages include domesday placenames and landowners, and beneath some are links to websites containing the local history of that place. This is the domesday entry for one of the manors of earley, near reading in berkshire. From wikipedia domesday book also known as domesday, or book of winchester was the record of the great survey of england completed. Scampton, baumber, edenham and culverthorpe, all four in lincolnshire, were the only demesne manors where the value in 1086 was higher than the value before 1066. About a hundred years after it was produced the book became known as the domesday book. The origin of the name is not certain, but it is thought to have come from either. Exon domesday project gutenberg selfpublishing ebooks. The roads around hook norton are in a particularly poor state of repair at the moment. All land was ultimately owned by the crown, but held by lords, who provided military resources or tax in return.

Building works are not even finished at a new wetherspoon pub but already some unfortunate errors have been spotted in its new sign the railway, in station road, rainham, is due to open on. An electronic edition of the text for great domesday was published by phillimore as domesday explorer in 2000, edited by john palmer, matthew palmer and george slater. Tonbridge s first castle, a fort of wood and earth, is built the normans also build a small church on the present site of the parish church of st peter and st paul 1086. Hadlow is a village in the medway valley, near tonbridge, kent. At the time of king edward the confessors death it paid tax for three hides units of roughly 80120 acres. Crowthorne wasnt even a speck on the map at that time, but i thought the results for the nearest places might be of interest. This is an entry for dunwich, suffolk, in the domesday book. Domesday book, our earliest public record, is a rare and remarkable survey which details landholding and resources in late eleventhcentury england.

The detailed picture of the english landscape it offers has no equal in any country, while it is valuable not only in the picture it allows local historians to construct of their area in the eleventh century but also as the foundation document of the national archives. A bailiff or steward in a smaller village would have been paid between. An atoz history of yeovil, somerset, england by bob osborn. Neither domesday book nor the domesday monachorum gives any account of tonbridge itself, the caput of the kent and surrey lands.

Sussex and the domesday book history learning site. The same logic could be applied to the famous colophon at the end of the ldb. It had no recorded population sometimes the case for large towns, as well as abandoned settlements. The saxon name for the settlement was haeselholte in the textus roffensis.

In 1086, it may have been situated in the manor of hadlow. You can download both a colour facsimile of the folio on which your entry. Sussex and the domesday book sussex is extensively reported in the domesday book and many modern day towns and villages can be found in it. The tenants of the bishop of winchester hold the bishops pleas at taunton. In 1086, when the survey recorded in domesday book was com.

Domesday book is one of the most important documents in english history. Banks fee was a settlement in domesday book, in the hundred of witley and the county of gloucestershire. The electronic text of little domesday is new to this edition. The stanmore domesday entry for great stanmore and little. How useful is domesday book as a source for the impact of. In charge of siege of hereward the wake at ely, 1069. The name does derive from the place called tonebridge now tonbridge as recorded in the 1086 domesday book for county kent, and as thunnebrigg in the 1230 assize court rolls for the same county. The material contained here is the work of the research and development team, and is licensed for use under a creative commons attribution 4.

Introduction to the somerset domesday british history online. The domesday book records tonbridge as tonbrige, which refers to tunnas bridge. There were 377 places in the county of kent in domesday book. The entries in the domesday book were listed in order by landowner. If you have a local history site that you would like to be included on these pages please get in touch via the contact page. It was a time of unemployment before we were told to get on our bikes. Recreate the survey carried out in 1086 for the domesday book. Domesday book is a detailed survey and valuation of landed property in england at. So, the domesday book i saw in the public record office was an entirely new land register, quite separate from the inquest conducted by william the conqueror.

It details the entries in the domesday book relating to the town of witham, in the county of essex, in the uk. The domesday book of 1086 lists in the following order the tenantsinchief in devonshire of king william the conqueror. Domesday book domesday legacy the national archives. Ancient city now a major port and an industrial and commercial centre. The domesday book records it as haslow and in the middle ages it became hadloe and then hadlow. Facsimile and translation, from the alecto edition, of any domesday entry. Domesday book as a source, that the norman conquest in england had profound effects, not. The domesday book penned by brandon blackmoor, based on medieval demographics made easy by s. At the moment, however, it has a partial list of domesday placenames and landholders only. By studying individual entries it is possible to discover that upmarket hampstead in london had woodland containing 100 pigs and was assessed as being worth. Following the conquest, the manor is listed in the domesday book and was held by bishop odo of bayeaux also archbishop of canterbury, williams halfbrother. Domesday book an audit of what was owned and how much it was worth, taking only six months to complete, was devised from knowledge already available in anglosaxon england schama dvd.

Therefore, the domesday book is a valuable source for historians trying to find out about sussex in the late 11th century after the impact of 1066 and the battle of hastings. Domesday is written in a heavily abbreviated latin with small marks to show where a letter or letters have been left out, to save space. The name does derive from the place called tonebridge now tonbridge as recorded in the 1086 domesday book for county kent, and as thunnebrigg in the 1230 assize court rolls for the same. Ruislip northwood and eastcote local history socie manor. This is an english locational surname, of spelling forms which include tonbridge, tunbridge, tumbridge, tembridge, timbridge, and several others as well. Maitland, domesday book and beyond university of tulsa. Twinkl key stage 1 year 1, year 2 subjects history medieval history. Kent the following pages include domesday placenames and landowners, and beneath some are links to websites containing the local history of that place. No other western european state produced anything even broadly comparable in its scope until several centuries later. Create a fictional english town name, remember to make it sound anglosaxon with a ton at the end eg. There were 151 places in the county of surrey in domesday book.

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