Software architecture analysis a dynamic slicing approach

This literature analysis presents an overview of model based slicing, including the various general approaches and techniques used to compute slices. Meanwhile, distinction between the static slice and dynamic slice was also made. Designing software architectures will teach you how to design any software architecture in a systematic, predictable, repeatable, and costeffective way this book introduces a practical methodology for architecture design that any professional software engineer can use, provides structured methods supported by reusable chunks of design knowledge, and includes rich case. Software architecture analysis using dynamic slicing. They used a model dependency graph based approach to perform effective and dynamic slicing of diagrams used in object oriented. In computer programming, program slicing is the computation of the set of program statements, the program slice, that may affect the values at some point of interest, referred to as a slicing criterion.

This paper describes three perspectives by which we can understand the description of a software architecture and proposes a fivestep method for analyzing software architectures called saam software. Given a software architecture specified using uml, the authors first construct an intermediate representation. Slicing uml architectural models acm sigsoft software. With services ranging from security control analysis to indepth assessments and mitigation support, our architecture and design practice helps you identify missing or weak security controls, understand secure design best practices, and mitigate security flaws that increase your risk of a. A dynamic slicing approach taeho kim, yeongtae song, lawrence chung and dung t. A dynamic software architecture slice represents the runtime behavior of those parts of the software architecture that are selected according to a particular slicing criterion such as a set of resources and events. Dynamic software architecture slicing semantic scholar. Slicing is an effective technique for narrowing the focus of attention to the relevant parts of a system. Change impact analysis plays an important role in maintenance and evolution of componentbased software architecture. Software architectures sa represents a critical design level for software systems. Software architecture analysis method saam is a method used in software architecture to evaluate a system architecture. A network slicing sdn software defined network is an essential ingredient of 5g network slicing architecture used to manage traffic flows through the application program interfaces apis of a central control plane. Difference between software architecture, software. This class will focus on x86x64 architecture and target file parsers, network parsers and browsers on both windows and linux environments.

Difference between software architecture, software structure, and software design description this article shall highlight the difference between software architecture, software design, and software structure and the interrelation between them. These pages attempt to organize and coalesce the ongoing work in the field of dynamic software architectures. A software design technique for developing medical expert. This paper also describes a methodology for using the notion, and an algorithm to generate dynamic software architecture slices. Home page of embedded software center univ of texas at. A also uses the method of dynamic particular variable affects the computing. Software professionals routinely make decisions that impact that architecture, yet many times that impact is. Pdf a dynamic slicing technique for uml architectural models. A dynamic software architecture slice represents the runtime behavior of those parts of the software architecture that are selected according to a. Issn online 23942320 ijercse vol 5, issue 3, march. In proceedings of aomiaom 17th international conference on computer science, august 1999.

A method for analyzing the properties of software architectures may 2007 white paper gregory abowd, len bass, rick kazman, mike webb texas instruments. For a software architecture specified using uml, we. Program slicing can be used in debugging to locate source of errors more easily. We demonstrate the feasibility and the expected benefits of the approach by using an illustrative example. Regression testing basedon slicing of componentbased. Foundations, theory, and practice type of analysis static analysis e.

The computation of forward dynamic software architecture slice using the dsas method is depicted in figure 2. Recently, the increasing demand for low latency, the explosive growth in the volume of network traffic, the large and growing number of connected devices, and diversified multimedia applications have paved the way for a new era of mobile networks. Applying dynamic change impact analysis in component. Dynamic software architecture slicing dsas is a technique to decompose software architecture with respect to the given slicing criterion. Given an architectural change, our approach determines the architecture elements causing the change and impacted by the change. Impact analysis of uml design changes using model slicing. A practical approach may 2016 book rick kazman, humberto cervantes universidad autonoma metropolitanaiztapalapa.

To meet these diverse requirements of different businesses in network virtualization, network slicing has. We propose a technique for analysis of impact of design changes using dynamic slicing of uml models. Dynamic software architectures represent one encouraging approach to mitigating these difficulties. Viewing component replacement as a change to compositionbased software architecture, this paper proposes a component interaction trace based approach to support dynamic change impact analysis at software architecture level. Software architecture is the study of large software systems, from the perspective of their structure. It contains well written, well thought and well explained computer science and programming articles, quizzes and practicecompetitive programmingcompany interview questions. The authors propose a technique for constructing dynamic slices of unified modelling language uml models using the state information. Other applications of slicing include software maintenance, optimization, program analysis, and. The authors have named this intermediate representation model dependency graph mdg. Index termssoftware architecture, uml, architectural metamodel, dynamic slicing, impact analysis. Huynh, software architecture analysis using dynamic slicing, in proceedings of aomiaom 17th international conference on computer science, august 1999. The control plane configures resources to deliver tailored services to the client through the application layer. Chung has taught a variety of graduate and undergraduate level courses since 1994 in uiversity of texas at dallas where he worked as assistant professor till summer 2000 and is now working as associate professor. Integrated statebased dynamic slicing technique for uml.

This is in contrast to traditional computer science approaches to the design and creation of software systems, which emphasize data structures and algorithms over structure. In order to alleviate such difficulties, we introduce the notion of dynamic software architecture slicing dsas, a methodology for using the notion, and an algorithm to generate dynamic software. Citeseerx document details isaac councill, lee giles, pradeep teregowda. Architectural choices need to be analyzed and verified to achieve a better software quality while reducing the. A dynamic model slicing approach for system comprehension. A dynamic model slicing approach for system comprehension during software evolution.

Students wanting to learn a programmatic and tool driven approach to analyzing software vulnerabilities and crash triage will benefit from this course. A dynamic software architecture slice represents the runtime behavior of those parts of the software architecture that are selected according to a particular slicing criterion such as a set of. A multistage analysis of network slicing architecture for. We describe our initial approach to architecturelevel dependence analysis and illustrate that approach through a prototype tool we have built, called aladdin, to automatically perform the analysis. Scenario oriented program slicing for largescale software. For better visualisation of software architecture, impact analysis and for test case generation the properties of system architecture with slicing can be taken into account.

We describe the methodology and algorithm in this section. The purpose of this chapter is to introduce techniques for the selection, minimization, and prioritization of tests for regression testing. Huynh, software architecture analysis using dynamic slicing, proceedings ofaomiaom cs 99, san diego, ca, aug. Bibliography on software architecture analysis this is the bibliography on software architecture analysis, with special emphasis on architecturallevel understanding, testing, debugging, reverse engineering, reengineering, maintenance, and complexity measurement. Network slicing is a major technology, based on network function virtualization and software defined network technologies, which aims to achieve more efficient utilization of available network traffic and reduce operating costs. Applying dynamic slicing on component interaction trace, this paper presents a change impact analysis approach to support the maintenance and evolution of role type based component composition model. Using dynamic slicing to analyze change impact on role. Huynh, dynamic slicing objectoriented programs using dynamic object relationship diagrams, proceedings of aomiaom cs 99, san diego, ca, aug. A systems software architecture is widely regarded as one of the most important software artifacts. Reps, the use of dependence graph in software engineering, proceedings of the 14th international on software engineering, melbourne, australia, 1992, pp.

As the complexity of software systems increases, so does the need for a good mechanism of abstraction. Architectural choices need to be analyzed and verified to achieve a better. Quite a large numbers of variants for the program slicing have been analyzed. It was the first documented software architecture analysis method, and was developed in the mid 1990s to analyze a system for modifiability, but it is useful for testing any nonfunctional aspect. Software architecture design is an abstraction, hiding. Google scholar, dynamic software architecture slicing, in compsac 99. The courses include software architecture and design, requirements engineering, software engineering. Applying dynamic change impact analysis in componentbased. Program slicing is a very promising approach to localize faults efficiently in a.

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